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Medvalley - Most probably the fastest growing company, marketing for hospital/medical/scientific/laboratory equipment, devices and instruments. We take the best technology even to the remotest of regions with VSK and TEKNA MEDIPOINT dealership for ECP & EECP SYSTEMS and HBOT also importing and by sourcing new and pre-owned medical equipment including covering up of diagnostic and critical care range of products, Our extensive resources support worldwide shipping, all over India installation and service.

Core Business of the company:Due to growing need of healthcare diagnostic device market, Medvalley has strengthens its roots in sales, distribution and services of medical equipment & consumables as foundation roots. Company has gained momentum in market place by sharing the scientific communication, overseas collaboration post sales services and projection every client as “partnership in business” as the core mantra. Company has witnessed metamorphosis growth over a period and capitalized territorial expansion to whole of southern India and poised to have presence pan India with robust distribution policy.

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